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After an exhausting career in the computer and information technology industry, I came to the realization that Corporate America could not offer me a secure future.  I had helped build two successful businesses from the ground up and after 18 years of combined service and a potential partnership, I was left to start over as they were sold.  I decided I wasn’t going to let someone else dictate my future any longer. I started researching business ideas and concepts but had one big problem—I didn’t have the financial resources to get started.  In May of 1994 I received a phone call from a friend urging me to look at this new business concept.  I was resistant at first because it was a home-based business.  I had never met anybody who was successful and I had first hand knowledge, because I had tried one myself and failed miserably.  But this one was different.  It just made sense, and it continues to make sense almost 10 years later.  I now have the income, security and the lifestyle that many admire.

I have helped many others do the same.  I invite you to take a closer look and if the timing is right—we will show you how to build a business of your own with a team of professionals who have an interest in your success.

Victor Maggio
Founder -- IMStrategic
Palm Harbor, Florida

After more than twenty years in public accounting and corporate finance, I became disenchanted.  I realized that although successful by most measures, I still had little control over my financial success.  Hard work and company loyalty don’t mean much when your company or industry is in trouble.  The fun I had experienced in the earlier part of my career had now been replaced by long commutes, excessive hours and the multiplying need to accomplish more with less.  I concluded that I had to regain control over my life and my success!

A year earlier my wife, also disenchanted with the corporate life, decided she needed to gain control over her success too.  She started to build her own business by joining the IMStrategic team.  Now, we’re both working together towards achieving our goals – a better income, greater security and the lifestyle of our dreams.

If you’re ready to take back responsibility for your success, come join us.

Joe DeMontigny


As an ambitious career woman in the corporate world I was working 60 hours a week just trying to get ahead and move up the corporate ladder. I quickly realized there was little room at the top for a woman and guilt along with a strong desire to be there for my family—forced me to make some changes. I wanted to have the best of both worlds. So, over nine years ago I started my own Home-based business and I haven’t looked back! Today I work the hours I want, spend quality time with my family, enjoy various leisure activities and I earn well over 6 figures annually—more than anything the corporate world could offer for the effort I put forth. Best of all, I am in control!

I also help others do the same. If you are like me—we need to talk! You bring the desire and motivation and we’ll show you how to have personal time and financial freedom through your own home-based business.

Sandra Maggio

I always knew there was something more out there. It was painfully obvious at every job I worked from radio broadcasting to various sales and sales management positions that I was never going to make more than the boss wanted me to make --  and on average I was never working less than sixty hours a week.

So both my wife and I started our own businesses. First an interior design business and then a solid oak door manufacturing company. Now it was over 80 hours a week for the both of us. We were prisoners. Our employees were doing far better than us. We were working for the banker.

Finally,  we stumbled upon this business, and after careful investigation we discovered a way to work from home with no boss, no overhead, no inventory, no employees, no risk, no receivables, and payables, no bookkeepers, paperwork, or headaches, and by the way, no banker! It's a twelve second commute to the office and best of all, we have the time freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want.

Doing well over six figures annually, for over 10 years now we have achieved total financial independence with no worries, a beautiful home in a gated community in South Florida and our business is already in trust to our son Jason. Life with financial independence AND time freedom is hard to communicate.

The secret to our success was our good fortune to get connected to the right team.  With IMStrategic we are surrounded with talented, productive, and  incredibly positive people who all have a vested interest in our success.  Today our sole mission is: “Helping Many Succeed” through the synergy of this extraordinary teamwork.

Jim Head

After going through several career changes, I was burnt out and sick and tired of going through economic downturns that left me feeling like I was starting over again. I spent over 7 years building a real estate career and investments only to see it all disappear during a massive real estate downturn in the early 90s. So, I decided to pursue security and got a government job as a manager of a domestic abuse shelter. I felt fulfilled helping others improve their lives. Unfortunately, I found that government funding for social programs was quickly disappearing. My energies were increasingly spent fundraising and lobbying the government for program funding. This was the breaking point that got me thinking that THERE HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY to secure my future and help others.

This is when Vic Maggio introduced me to the IMStrategic team. Our teamwork approach means that you have support to achieve your financial goals and dreams by building a business that goes on with or without you. Several years ago, I was in the hospital for surgery and was bedridden while I recuperated. My business continued to pay me every month. Today, I am building a stress-free business that offers unlimited income and time freedom with the added benefit of helping others improve their lives. If you are looking for a BETTER WAY, come and join our successful team and we will show you how to build a business based on your commitment and goals.

Janet Graham

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