Terms of Agreement

Terms and Conditions for using your IMStrategic Website:

  1. You agree not to use your site for anything other than working with your team members and partners at IMStrategic.com.
  2. You agree to use only ethical, moral and honest practices in all your efforts.
  3. You agree that the founder of the site can at any time suspend, permanently delete or shut down your website.
  4. You agree to being part of our wonderful team and do nothing that in anyway jeopardizes the site, and/or your fellow team members.
  5. You agree not to use any immoral, unethical practices and be truthful, honest, moral and ethical in all you do.
  6. You agree to give out the username and password for the Guest area to potential IMStrategic prospects only and will accompany all prospects, either in person or on the phone, while walking them through the presentation pages.
  7. You agree to NOT give out your username and password for the Members area to anyone under any circumstances. The Members area is for Members only! Anyone that gives out this information will be terminated immediately.
  8. You agree to set up an individuals website only after they have enrolled as a preferred customer.
  9. We do not tolerate spam in any form.

The IMStrategic Team is totally against spam. If you feel you have been spammed in anyway by any of our team members, please forward the URL and email address of the person you feel used the spam method to founders@imstrategic.com

Thank You
The IMStrategic Team


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